In general

Poland, is a worthwhile endeavor, which is created by exceptional people for those seeking development. Our idea is to create opportunities for ambitious young man, creating his educational path of life, based on international experience. We want to motivate young people to act - we hope you enjoyed today's day and with optimism staring at Your future with us, realize your intended educational plans, carrying out your own dreams with a sense of security based on our best knowledge and experience, as well as in partner relationships and with the participation of stable business partners that we can provide to you with Poland With us your life will be characterized by continuous development. We are going to support you from the very beginning of your decision on cooperation and trust in us. Achieved professional and private successes young people are our true success. Mission
We provide our customers the opportunity to secure the future of education for their children, ensure the recruitment of high quality students, creating space (platform) for intercultural education community, with access to modern education and technology solutions. Generation Y young people are on the inspiration. We create Poland for them. With us You create the future according to your own expectations - fulfilling your educational and professional plans – ensuring safety every day.

Why Poland ?
Poland is a unique organization among of agencies recruiting students. Co-created by Dr. Smus, adjunct and coordinator of many international educational projects in the public and private educational institutions in Poland. We were created in order to better listen and fulfill the needs in international students recruitment of our partners. Poland has a good reputation in the recruitment of students for the Polish institutions, providing support and extensive knowledge of Polish education system. Creates and sets market standards, guidelines using the best business practices. We work with reputable agencies already in several countries of Eastern Europe, and in Asia, combining our knowledge of the European university system with specific knowledge of the Polish market. Together with our partners around the world, recruiting students to not only Polish first bachelor degree. Please send an e-mail to and get more information about the cooperation with Poland in services recruitment of foreign students to the university centers.

Briefly for Students
1. psychological consultancy in the choice of first, second or third degree,
2. the interested candidates providing reliable information on the standard requirements for admission, and the admission procedure used by the university and the required documents, certificates,
3. the submission of the complete documents required by the university to study,
4. the application for a visa and providing candidates assistance during the process of admission,
5. careers advice for graduates,
6. an internship and work agency,

Briefly for Parents
1. the transfer of real information about the costs and quality of life in Poland,
2. applying on behalf of an alien in the question of permits for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland (residence card),
3. consultancy regarding life insurance and while studying,
4. the provision of the service-time care for a student (Student Concierge Services)
5. advice on obtaining Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka)

Briefly for the University
1. the recruitment of foreigners for higher education (first, second or third degree programs, doctoral full-time and part-time and postgraduate)
2. audit and develop recommendations for improving the effectiveness of international recruitment in terms of educational programs and services offered by the university
3. the creation of dedicated marketing campaigns, promotion of educational offer,
4. the development of the recruitment process and the creation of an international recruitment representations of entities collaborating universities abroad (outsourcing of recruitment)
5. the implementation of outsourced projects for the organization of internships, student exchange, language schools, summer and winter camps etc.,
6. the creation of marketing budgets and promotional activities relating to the recruitment of foreign

Poland works with many accredited Polish universities and privates academic institutions, as well as specially created Polish language schools for foreigners in Poland. Today's leading and respected educational institutions seeking international students - just like you - and our job is to help them find you!

More and more universities propose a conditional admission to study for talented students who do not have a test to prove knowledge of the Polish language, or other entitlement to study. If you are good assessment and your recommendation of a prospective student is preferred, it is the ability to apply for conditional admission to the study.

Poland Study.PL offers a range of services for Polish and international educational institutions seeking to improve their results in the recruitment of international students, international development programs and educational services that require global engagement in Poland and abroad.